Nominated KHRA Election Committee member

Attention! Attention!

Elections are coming!!
Elections are coming!!
Elections are coming!!

Side note: This almost feels like sorority recruitment from a movie except a really nerdy, clean, PG version.

*snaps into serious mode*

I have an announcement to make.

I was selected by a KPU/CPHR faculty and board member to be a representative in the committee for the upcoming 2019-2020 KHRA election.

*proceeds to do a happy dance*

What this opportunity means:

Build a stronger understanding of what the KHRA club needs are in order to fulfil them. This will mean asking a lot of questions.
Develop both my communication and team skills thus I will be collaborating with others to exceed deadlines.
Research other HR/Business clubs at other universities and note what is successful and unsuccessful with how they are lead.
Network with mentors and business professionals in order to gain insight as to what the standards are in an HR club or business club in general.
Recruit and select according to role, guidelines, and needs of the HR club.

The list goes on!

Most importantly, i’m excited about representing my university (KPU) and embracing all that the area of Human Resources Management has to offer in order to educate and connect my peers. *smiles*

I digress. There is work to be done.

I’m sure you are thinking that this opportunity does not just get given to any student…

I will speak about how this arose in an upcoming post!

Stay tuned,

Golden Ghrl


Am I doing this blogging thing right? Haha. Here is my APA citation for the photo above:

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