19,724 days young

I’m 24 today. Congrats? Cool? Thank you? Idk.

What does 24 years old look like? Well it currently consists of..

  • My hair in a messy bun.
  • It being 10:00 and i’ve brushed my teeth twice.
  • A third cup of blonde roast coffee that is now past due (extra caffeine is a must at 24) ((that was actually an excuse, i’m just addicted)).
  • Wearing a once pristine white Nike sweater that got ruined in Nick’s washer (it’s now become a low-maintenance tie-dye ordeal).
  • Being cocooned in a blanket because I turned the A/C up too high (first world problems).

Ok. No. It’s better than that!! I feel like i’ve achieved a mini win because I don’t feel the need to go out out and get belligerently drunk (for some of you who knew me – speak whale), have my friends tell every single person in the club, that it’s my birthday, just so, they can buy me a drink, so that, I don’t even remember my own birthday??? Society is so weird that this is/was a thing.

This birthday, I will remember, along with these thoughts:

The following is a list – 24 of the first things that come to mind that I have realized thus far in my existence.

  1. Things really aren’t as bad as they seem. It’s your anxiety, not you.
  2. You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. The answer will literally always be ‘no’ if you don’t ask. Speak!!
  3. If you have random aches/pains, it’s probably a sign that you have pain somewhere else in your life too. This is a good time to reflect and refocus your energy.
  4. Drake wasn’t kidding when he said to ‘keep the family close.’ My circle shrinks every year and i’m happy about it. Quality, always.
  5. You can’t keep saying, ‘omg, why me???’ Every. Time. The. Same. Thing. Happens. The world will treat you accordingly to how you let it treat you. (This took me 23 years of existence to realize).
  6. There is not one thing that listening to the “Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso” can’t fix. I can swear on my life to this. It’s impressive.
  7. Shutting off negative dialogue is merely impossible but if you can shut it off 98% of the time, you’re winning.
  8. You get to choose who you listen to. Therefore, if you don’t like what you are hearing don’t listen. Likewise, your haters are not your motivators, surround yourself with positive people.
  9. No one cares. So stop questioning whatever it is you’re questioning.
  10. If it adds value to your life – you need to do that.
  11. I am both an extrovert and an introvert.
  12. A relationship is never perfect but it’s pretty close to perfect if both parties are willing to compromise.
  13. People won’t take you seriously if you wear soccer pants and a hoodie to class every day. Unfortunate, I know.
  14. Waking up on a Saturday not hung over is great when you are 24 not 19. Yes, I said it.. party while you’re young kids. But, grow up shortly after.
  15. You must train your mind to be stronger than your emotions and this is something I must give more time and attention to.
  16. Los Angeles is full of creative people. I’ve never felt more alive in a city alone. (I can’t believe I managed to keep this realization to two sentences… this city set my soul on fire!!!!)
  17. People show love in different ways. Be gentle. But also realize, some people don’t understand what they have until it’s gone.
  18. Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader, jk, you always have to be your own damn cheerleader.
  19. You’re going to make mistakes and people aren’t going to forgive you. Get over it. (Still getting over it).
  20. Resilience. Resilience. Resilience.
  21. A large cup of coffee in the morning, fixes everything. Which is why I start each morning like this – a fresh start.
  22. It only sucks if you think it sucks – change your mindset. (Still working on this).
  23. Someone out there, is living the life you want because you aren’t making it happen (yet). Keep working.
  24. I remind myself every day: Be patient with yourself. You’re doing your best. Almost to the point I should remind myself three times because I don’t listen and always need this reminder.

Wow, it’s been a minute! My name is Golden Ghrl in case you forgot. I haven’t posted as much as I planned this break but I haven’t hated myself for it either. (You can’t win em’ all).

*pats herself on the back*

I do however have some material coming.

Check back soon,

Golden Ghrl


Here is a photo that makes me smile. It was taken on my birthday. 08/20.


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