Au revoir, minimum wage.

Excuse my french, I just returned back to my flat in Basel, Switzerland from Paris, France.

*Steps on stage, turns mic on, clears throat, takes a deep breathe*

I, Golden Ghrl, vow to never work a minimum wage position, ever, again.

*mic drop, sigh of relief*

$13.85 per hour (B.C’s current minimum wage rate), and I quit. I resigned from my Shift Supervisor position with Nike and I am never going back to it or anything that pays the same wage. I am free.

I have worked approx. 1.5 years within this position but it feels like 6 years. Essentially because i’ve been in and out of minimum wage jobs for the past 6 years. They are all the same. They make you feel all the same – good at first, terrible by the end of it.

Why terrible?

Minimum wage positions have left a sour taste in my mouth. Here are a few reasons why:

– While in the retail industry, I was taken advantage of in my first part-time position because I did not know my rights as an employee. I was not given my entitled breaks as based on the Employment Standards Act (ESA). I was told to do work that breached my Occupational Health & Safety rights as an employee such as climbing on top of stacked boxes instead of using a ladder (yikes). I often was not paid enough but was told to be quiet when I said something about it and to be thankful. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

– While in almost every minimum wage job, I was told I couldn’t do something just because I was “new.” Wrong.

– While in the restaurant industry, I stood up for a younger employee because she did not realize she was being harassed. I then was harassed, and bullied because I wanted fairness and justice within the workplace. Seriously??? Wrong.

– While in the retail industry, I was harassed by my ASM and my SM because they were uneducated. (I am so happy I will never have someone tell me i’m a ‘dumb blonde’ and that I do not know how to fold clothes because of it. I. am. so. much. better. than. that). Also, they did not understand corrective action processes, what wrongful dismissal was, and the rights of an employee – again, uneducated. Wrong.

– All the b******t that is involved because you are “getting paid minimum wage.” Wrong.

Don’t get me wrong… I also understand that all of this can happen no matter what wage or salary you receive. But I fully feel, minimum wage positions are managed by uneducated individuals, who simply can’t manage. Otherwise, why aren’t they working somewhere better? Where the stakes are higher? Oh, because they are uneducated. Right. Therefore, I feel that by removing myself from the situation of working for uneducated, understaffed minimum wage positions, I am setting myself up to reach the next level. I’m opening up. I’m growing.

Speaking of growing…

I solely believe that everything happens for a reason. That there is always something good in the situation, only if you are willing to see it.

Why good?

All of the s**t I just described briefly above is the reason why I want to be a Human Resources Manager. I’ve found my calling, my why, what is good for my soul. I don’t want other people to feel terrible in their job. I want them to feel good. I don’t want anyone to experience, no matter their level within the company, how I felt. I want to be the difference within a company. I want to pave the way for every human in a job, that the workplace is a safe place to thrive. (All while hitting those strategic targets of course!!).

Moral of the story…
If you can’t stick up for yourself, no one else will. Set. the. tone.
If something is not a good fit. You can’t make it fit. Move on with it.
If something is not adding value into your life. You must let it go.

And, most importantly, whatever is good for your soul, always, always – do just that.


Golden Ghrl


  1. I shared a bit of this path with you and I couldn’t agree more! Problem is that most of these companies think that people can be easily replaced and that the job can be done by anyone, so they don’t feel like investing in a healthier workplace is really necessary. If you are not happy, you can simply leave and tomorrow someone else will be doing the job for the same minimum wage. Turnover rates are huge, there’s no career development. And that’s why they never beat the sales goal. Unfortunately, we are constantly led to believe that we must endure situations like that, because we need to fulfil our bosses expectations if we want to keep our jobs and, therefore, be able to earn a living. That’s part of the culture we were raised in. Great job showing that this is not true, and that we worth more than what limited minds want us to believe we do!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog Thais!! ❤️ You are right – I couldn’t agree more with you. I hope you are doing well! – Golden Ghrl ✨

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